Mary Elizabeth Braddon
The Mary Elizabeth Braddon Association
 was founded in 2013 to promote interest in the life and works of this important nineteenth-century popular fiction writer. Her most renowned texts are Lady Audley’s Secret and Aurora Floyd, but Braddon wrote over ninety novels, one hundred and fifty short stories, alongside numerous plays and articles. Her books have been published throughout the world in languages as diverse as French, German, Polish and Spanish and continue to attract readers worldwide, while her unconventional lifestyle as an actress, popular sensation fiction writer and common law marriage to her publisher, John Maxwell, continue to intrigue the literary world.

Braddon is best known for writing Victorian sensation fiction of the 1860s, but she continued to publish until her death in 1915. Her enormous output was frequently printed in magazine installments. Her work is distinguished by the Gothic influences found in earlier fiction, applied with new interest to more domestic situations of Victorian life. New titles are increasingly being reissued by Oxford University Press and Penguin Classics, while other publishers – such as Victorian Secrets, Sensation Press and Broadview – have published scholarly critical editions of her novels and short stories.

The MEBA is a central platform for Braddon studies – be this for students, academics or the general reader. By providing a forum for discussing all Braddon related issues, the Association opens the door for Braddon-lovers to unite and discuss her life and works. Materials to be found on the website include a Braddon biography, a list of her works with links to e-texts, a bibliography of scholarly secondary material, book reviews, and blog posts on her life and works.

To keep up-to-date with the MEBA, please follow us on Twitter: @braddoninfo and join the mailing list by emailing: braddoninfo@gmail.com.

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    1. There is no one source of all of Braddon’s works in one place. That is why we have pulled together links to all of the online novels, short stories etc. that we could find here on this website. If you go to ‘bibliography’ in our tabs at the top you can click ‘novels’ and ‘short stories’ to find links to as many of her texts as we could find online. Best, Janine

  1. Hi everybody!

    It’s been an enormous pleasure for me to get in touch with this website as I’m currently attending a Phd course On M.E. Braddon. So I hope to get the chance to participate to any of your conferences and discussions on her.



    1. Hi Anja,
      As far as I am aware there has been no novel or documentary published on her life and work. We would love for this to happen! It is a real shame as she lead such an interesting and trailblaizing life.

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