‘London on Four Feet’ in the Welcome Guest, 15th December 1860

‘How the Romans Supped’ in the Welcome Guest, 22nd December 1860

‘Waking’ in the Brighton Herald, 2nd February 1861

‘In Memoriam’ in Temple Bar, January 1862

‘Trontlemouth’ in Temple Bar, January 1866

‘Sweet Violets’ in Belgravia, April 1867

‘May’ in Belgravia, May 1867

‘The Dinner at Richmond’ in Belgravia, May 1867

‘French Novels’ in Belgravia, June 1867

‘Lunch on the Hill’ in Belgravia, September 1867

‘After the Battle’ in Belgravia, February 1868

‘The Hawking Party’ in Belgravia, March 1868

‘Glimpses at Foreign Literature’ in Belgravia, April 1868

‘The Lady of the Land’ in Belgravia, July 1868

‘In the Firelight’ in Belgravia, January 1869

‘Whose Fault Is It?’ in Belgravia, August 1869

‘Violets’ in Belgravia, April 1870

‘Lord Lytton’ in Belgravia, March 1873

‘In Memoriam’ in Belgravia, June 1873

‘Ireland for Tourists: A Reminiscence of a Recent Excursion’ in Belgravia, July/August 1874

‘Macbeth at the Lyceum Theatre’ in Belgravia, November 1875

‘My Heart is Thine: A New Musical Valentine’ in Belgravia, February 1876

‘Dinners at Elementary School’ in The Time, 30th April 1880

‘Boscastle, Cornwall, and English Engladine’ in World, September 1880

‘The Observant Child’ in World, 28th September 1881

‘A Little Hunting’ in World, 5th October 1881

‘The Children at Christmas’ in World, 21st December 1881

‘People Who Write to the Times’ in Whitehall Review, 24th January 1884

‘A Friendly Mount’ in World, 30th June 1886

‘St. Ives’ in World, 18th August 1886

‘The Queen of the West’ in World, 25th August1886

‘Clovelly-Flamouth-Fowey’ in World, 15th September 1886

‘Paramé, St. Malo’ in World, 22nd September 1886

‘In the Olive Grove’ in World, 21st December 1887

‘In Southern Latitudes’ in World, 22nd February 1888

‘An East End Andromeda’ in World, 19th September 1888

‘Jonnie’ in Punch, 29th November 1890

‘Le Pètrolium; ou les Saloperies Parisiennes’ in Punch, 28th February 1891

‘From Forest Depths’ in World, 9th March 1892

‘Strawberries: A Lament’ in World, 10th August 1892

‘On Cranbourne Chase’ in World, 21st September 1892

‘Switzerland in Eight Hours’ in World, 28th September 1892

‘A Lost Pleid’ in World, 23rd November 1892

‘A Modern Confessor’ in Pall Mall Magazine, June 1893

‘My First Novel’ in Idler, June 1893

‘Furniture in Fiction’ in Sala’s Journal, 15th July 1893

‘Herman Sudermann’ in National Review, 21st August 1893

‘Time Was’ in World, 18th July 1894

‘Holiday Island’ in World, 22nd August 1894

‘In the Days of My Youth’ in The Theatre, September 1894

‘In a Van in Wharfedale’ in World, 5th September 1894

‘A Voice from Marienbad’ in World, 19th September 1894

‘Honeymoon Land’ in World, 3rd October 1894

‘Ã Mon Maître’ in World, 17th November 1894

‘The German Play of the Hour’ in Theatre, 1895

‘Cornubia’ in World, 5th June 1895

‘Where Many Footsteps Pass’ in Lady’s Pictorial, 5th December 1896

‘Homburg Versus Marienbad’ in World, 22nd September 1897

‘Pallanza’ in World, 29th September 1897

‘Zinal (Valais)’ in World, 24th August 1898

‘Saas Fee (Valais)’ in World, 31st August 1898

‘North Cornwall’ in World, 31st August 1898

‘Zermatt’ in World, 7th September 1898

‘Cadanabbia, Lago Do Como’ in World, 14th September 1898

‘Beaulieu’ in World, 28th December 1898

‘Fifty Years at the Lyceum Theatre’ in Strand Magazine, January 1903

‘I Remember, I Remember’ in Daily Mail, December 1903

‘Little Books’ in Black and White, 7th January 1905

‘My Best Story and Why I Think So’ in Grand Magazine, July 1905

‘The Shrine of Jane Eyre’ in Pall Mall Magazine, February 1906

‘The Life Beautiful’ in Chambers Journal, 10th November 1906

‘The Woman I Remember’ in Press Album, 1909

‘The Smart Sets in History’ in Strand Magazine, 11th October 1910

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