Braddon novels

Three Times Dead, Beverley: Empson, 1860. (republished as The Trail of the Serpent, London: W. & M. Clark, 1861)

The Lady Lisle, London: Ward, Lock, and Tyler, 1862.

The Black Band; or, The Mysteries of Midnight, The Halfpenny Journal, 1861-1862. (republished London: Vickers, 1877)

Captain of The Vulture, The Sixpenny Journal, 1861. (republished London: Ward, Lock, and Tyler, 1863)

The Octoroon; or, The Lily of Louisiana, the Halfpenny Journal, 1861-1862.

Lady Audley’s Secret, Sixpenny Magazine, 1862. (began in Robin Goodfellow, up until Chapter 18, 1861; reprinted by London: Tinsley, 1862)

Aurora Floyd, Temple Bar, 1862. (London: Tinsley, 1863)

Woman’s Revenge; or, The Captain of the Guard, Halfpenny Journal, 1862.

The White Phantom, Halfpenny Journal, 1862-1863.

John Marchmont’s Legacy, Temple Bar, 1861. (republished London: Tinsley, 1863)

The Factory Girl; or, All Is Not Gold That Glitters, Halfpenny Journal, 1863.

Eleanor’s Victory, Once A Week, 1863. (republished London: Tinsley, 1863)

The Outcasts, London Journal, 1863-4. (republished as Henry Dunbar, London: Maxwell, 1864)

Oscar Bertrand; or, the Idiot of the Mountain, Halfpenny Journal, 1863-1864.

The Doctor’s Wife, Temple Bar, 1864. (republished London: Maxwell, 1864)

Only a Clod, St. James’s Magazine, 1864-5. (republished London: Maxwell, 1865)

The Banker’s Secret, Halfpenny Journal, 1864-5. (republished as Rupert Godwin, London: Ward, Lock, and Tyler 1867)

Sir Jasper’s Tenant, Temple Bar, 1865. (republished London: Maxwell, 1865)

The Lady’s Mile, St. James’s Magazine, 1865-6. (republished London: Ward, Locke and Tyler, 1866)

Diavola, London Journal, 1866-7. (republished as Run to Earth, by Ward, Locke and Tyler, 1868)

Birds of Prey, Belgravia, 1866-67. (republished London: Ward, Locke and Tyler, 1867)

Circe, Belgravia, 1867. (republished London: Ward, Lock, and Tyler, under the pseudonym ‘Babington White’) (Part 1 and Part 2)

Dead Sea Fruit, Belgravia, 1867-8. (London: Ward, Lock, and Tyler, 1868)

Charlotte’s Inheritance, Belgravia, 1868-9. (London: Ward, Lock, and Tyler, 1869)

Fenton’s Quest, Belgravia, 1870. (London: Ward, Lock, and Tyler, 1871)

The Lovels of Arden, Belgravia, 1871-2. (London: Maxwell, 1872)

Robert Ainsleigh, London: Maxwell, 1872. (begun as Bound to John Company in 1868 in Belgravia, but Braddon fell ill and another writer completed the novel)

To the Bitter End, Belgravia, 1872. (London: Maxwell, 1872)

Strangers and Pilgrims, Belgravia, 1872-3. (London: Maxwell, 1873)

Lucius Davoren; or, Publicans and Sinners, Home Journal, 1873-4. (London: Maxwell, 1874) (Part 1; Part 2 and Part 3)

Taken at the Flood, Bolton Weekly Journal, 1873-4. (London: Maxwell, 1874)

Lost for Love, Belgravia, 1873-4. (London: Chatto & Windus, 1874)

A Strange World, Bolton Weekly Journal, 1874. (London: Maxwell, 1875)

Hostages to Fortune, Belgravia, 1874-5. (London: Maxwell, 1875)

Dead Men’s Shoes, Bolton Weekly Journal, 1875-6. (London: Maxwell, 1876)

Joshua Haggard’s Daughter, Belgravia, 1875-6. (London: Maxwell, 1876)

Put to the Test, by Ada Buisson (ed. By Braddon), 1876. (London: Maxwell)

An Open Verdict, Bolton Weekly Journal, 1877. (London: Maxwell, 1878) (Part 1; Part 2 and Part 3)

The Cloven Foot, Newcastle Weekly Chronicle, 1878-9. (London: Maxwell, 1879)

Vixen, All The Year Round, 1878-9. (London: Maxwell, 1879)

Her Splendid Misery, World, 1879-80. (republished as The Story of Barbara, London: Maxwell, 1880)

Aladdin and Other Stories, London: Maxwell, 1880. (children’s literature)

Just as I Am, Bolton Weekly Journal, 1880. (London: Maxwell, 1880)

Asphodel, All The Year Round, 1880-1. (London: Maxwell, 1881)

Le Pasteur de Marston, Le Figaro, 1881.

Mount Royal, London: Maxwell, 1882.

The Golden Calf, The Pictorial World, 1882-3. (London: Maxwell, 1883)

Phantom Fortune, The Hull Packet and East Riding Times, 1883.(London: Maxwell, 1883)

Ishmael, Whitehall Review, 1884. (London: Maxwell, 1885)

Wyllard’s Weird, Leigh Journal & Times, 1884-5. (London: Maxwell, 1885)

Cut by the County, Bolton Weekly Journal, 1885. (London: Maxwell, 1886)

The Good Hermione, London: Maxwell, 1886. (children’s literature, published under the pseudonym ‘Aunt Belinda’)

Mohawks, Belgravia, 1886-7. (London: Maxwell, 1887) (Part 1; Part 2 and Part 3)

One Thing Needful, Sheffield & Rotherham Weekly Independent, 1886. (London: Maxwell, 1886)

Like and Unlike, Bolton Weekly Journal, 1887. (London: Spencer Blackett, 1887)

The Fatal Three, Sheffield Weekly Telegraph, 1888. (London: Simpkin & Marshall, 1888)

The Day Will Come, Sheffield Weekly Telegraph and Lady’s Pictorial, 1889. (London: Simpkin & Marshall, 1889)

Whose Was the Hand, Pictorial World, 1890. (republished as One Life, One Love, London: Simpkin & Marshall, 1890)

The World, the Flesh, and the Devil, Sheffield Weekly Telegraph. (republished as Gerard, London: Simpkin & Marshall, 1891)

The Venetians, Lady’s Pictorial, 1892. (London: Simpkin & Marshall, 1892)

The Christmas Hirelings, Lady’s Pictorial, 1893. (children’s literature, republished London: Simpkin & Marshall, 1894)

Thou Art the Man, Sheffield Weekly Telegraph and The Gentlewoman, 1894. (London: Simpkin & Marshall, 1894)

Sons of Fire, The Gentlewoman, 1895. (London: Simpkin & Marshall, 1895)

London Pride; or, When the World Was Younger, Birmingham Weekly Mercury, 1895-6. (London: Simpkin & Marshall, 1896)

The Little Aunty, Newcastle Weekly Chronicle, 1896. (republished as Under Love’s Rule, London: Simpkin & Marshall, 1897)

A Shadowed Life, Sheffield Weekly Telegraph, 1897. (republished as Rough Justice. London: Simpkin & Marshall, 1898)

In High Places, Lady’s Realm, 1897-8. (London: Hutchinson, 1898)

His Darling Sin, London: Simpkin & Marshall, 1899.

The Infidel, London: Simpkin & Marshall, 1900.

During Her Majesty’s Pleasure, Sheffield Weekly Telegraph, 1901. (London: Hurst & Blackett, 1908)

The Conflict, The People, 1902. (London: Simpkin & Marshall, 1903)

A Lost Eden, London: Hutchinson, 1904.

The Rose of Life, Tit-Bits, 1904. (London: Hutchinson, 1905)

The White House, London: Hurst & Blackett, 1906.

Alias Jane Brown, the Northern Newspaper Syndicate, 1906. (republished as Dead Love Has Chains, London: Hurst & Blackett, 1907)

Her Convict, London: Hurst & Blackett, 1907.

Our Adversary, London: Hutchinson, 1909.

Beyond These Voices, London: Hutchinson, 1910.

The Green Curtain, London: Hutchinson, 1911.

Miranda, London: Hutchinson, 1913.

Mary, London: Hutchinson, 1916.

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