Short Stories

Volumes of Short Stories

Aladdin by Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Ralph the Bailiff and Other Stories
, London: Ward, Lock and Tyler, 1862 [1867] (1862 version)

‘Captain Thomas’, ‘The Cold Embrace’, ‘My Daughters’, ‘The Mystery of Fernwood’, ‘Samuel Lowgood’s Revenge’, ‘The Lawyer’s Secret’, ‘My First Happy Christmas’, ‘Lost and Found’, ‘Eveline’s Visitant: A Ghost Story’, ‘Found in the Muniment Chest’, ‘How I Heard my Own Will Read’

The Summer Tourist, A Book for Long or Short Journeys by Rail, Road or River (ed.), London: Ward, Lock and Tyler, 1871

‘The Zoophyte’s Revenge’ and 13 short travel essays.

Milly Darrell and Other Stories, London: Maxwell, 1873

‘Old Rutherford Hall’, ‘The Splendid Stranger’, ‘Hugh Damer’s Last Leger’, The Sins of the Fathers’, ‘Mr. and Mrs. De Fontenoy’, ‘A Good Hater’, ‘The Dreaded Guest’, ‘Colonel Benyon’s Entanglement’, ‘The Zoophyte’s Revenge’, ‘At Crighton Abbey’, ‘Three Times’, ‘On the Brink’

Weavers and Weft, and Other Stories, London: Maxwell, 1877 (Part 1Part 2 and Part 3)

‘Weavers and Weft’, ‘In Great Waters’, ‘Sebastian’, ‘Levison’s Victim’, ‘Christmas in Possession’, ‘John Granger’, ‘Prince Ramji Rowdedow’, ‘Too Bright to Last, ‘The Scene Painter’s Wife’, ‘Sir Luke’s Return’, ‘Her Last Appearance’, ‘Sir Hanbury’s Bequest’, ‘A Very Narrow Escape’, ‘My Unlucky Friend’

Aladdin or the Wonderful Lamp (ed.), London: Maxwell, 1880

‘Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp’, ‘Sinbad the Sailor: The Old Man of the Sea’, ‘Ali Baba: The Forty Thieves’

Flower and Weed and Other Tales, London: Maxwell, 1884

‘Flower and Weed’, ‘George Caulfield’s Journey’, ‘The Clown’s Quest’, ‘Dr. Carrick’, ‘If She Be Not Fair to Me’, ‘The Shadow in the Corner’, ‘His Secret’, ‘Thou Art the  Man’

Under the Red Flag and Other Tales, London: Maxwell, 1886

‘Under the Red Flag’, ‘Dross’ or ‘The Root of Evil’, ‘Sir Philip’s Wooing’, ‘Dorothy’s Rival’, ‘At Daggers Drawn’, ‘A Great Ball and A Great Bear’, ‘The Little Woman in Black’, ‘Across the Footlights’, ‘My Wife’s Promise’, ‘Marjorie Daw’

All Along the River and Other Tales, London: Simpkin and Marshall, 1893

‘One Fatal Moment’, ‘It Is Easier for a Camel’, ‘The Ghost’s Name’, ‘Stapylton’s Plot’, ‘His Oldest Friends’, ‘If There Be Any of you’, ‘The Island of Old Faces’, ‘My Dream’

Individual Short Stories

‘Captain Thomas’, Welcome Guest, 1st September 1860

‘The Cold Embrace’, Welcome Guest, 29th September 1860

‘My Daughters’, Welcome Guest, 20th October 1860

‘My First Happy Christmas’, Welcome Guest, 22nd January 1861

‘Samuel Lowgood’s Revenge’, Welcome Guest, 23rd February 1861

‘The Lawyer’s Secret’, Welcome Guest, 2, 9, 16th March 1861

‘Ralph, the Bailiff’, St. James’s Magazine, April-June 1861

‘The Mystery of Fernwood’, Temple Bar, November-December 1861

‘Lost and Found’, London Journal, 12 September 1863-26 March 1864 (taken from The Outcasts)

‘At Daggers Drawn’, Belgravia, January 1867

‘Eveline’s Visitant: A Ghost Story’, Belgravia, January 1867

‘How I Heard My Own Will Read’, Belgravia, February 1867

‘Found in the Muniment Chest’, Belgravia Christmas Annual, December 1867

‘Dorothy’s Rival’, Belgravia Christmas Annual, December 1867

‘A Great Ball and a Great Bear’, Belgravia, January 1868

‘The Mudie Classics, No 1. Sir Alk Meyonn, or the Seven against the Elector’, Belgravia, March-April 1868

‘Christmas in Possession’, Belgravia Christmas Annual, December 1868

‘My Wife’s Promise’, Belgravia Christmas Annual, December 1868

‘The True Story of Don Juan’, Belgravia Christmas Annual, December 1868

‘My Unlucky Friend’, Belgravia, November 1869

‘A Very Narrow Escape’, Belgravia, December 1869

‘Sir Philip’s Wooing’, Belgravia Christmas Annual, December 1869

‘The Scene Painter’s Wife’, Belgravia Christmas Annual, December 1869

‘Levinson’s Victim’, Belgravia, January 1870

‘Mr. And Mrs. De Fontenoy’, Belgravia, February 1870

‘The Splendid Stranger’, Belgravia, March 1870

‘On the Brink’, Belgravia, September 1870

‘The Sins of the Fathers’, Belgravia, October 1870

‘John Granger: A Ghost Story’, Belgravia Christmas Annual, December 1870

‘Too Bright to Last’, Belgravia Christmas Annual, December 1870

‘The Zoophyte’s Revenge’, The Summer Tourist, August 1871

‘At Chrighton Abbey’, Belgravia, May 1871

‘Hugh Damer’s Last Ledger’, The Illustrated Newspaper, 17th June-1st July 1871

‘In Great Waters’, Belgravia, August 1871

‘Old Rutherford Hall’, Belgravia Christmas Annual, December 1871

‘The Dreaded Guest’, Belgravia Christmas Annual, December 1871

‘Colonel Benyon’s Entanglement’, Belgravia, July-August 1872

‘Three Times’, Belgravia Christmas Annual, December 1872

‘A Good Hater’, Belgravia Christmas Annual, December 1872

‘Prince Ramji Rowdedow’, Belgravia Christmas Annual, December 1873

‘Sir Hanbury’s Bequest’, Belgravia Christmas Annual, December 1874

‘Sir Luke’s Return’, Belgravia Christmas Annual, December 1875

‘Sebastian’, Belgravia Holiday No, July 1876

‘Weavers and Weft’, Boston Weekly Journal and District News, 26 August-9 December 1876

‘Her Last Appearance’, Belgravia Christmas Annual, December 1876

‘The Clown’s Quest’, Harper’s Bazaar, 29 December 1877-5 January 1878

‘Dr. Carrick’, All the Year Round, 29th June 1878

‘George Caulfield’s Journey’, Mistletoe Bough, 1879

‘The Shadow in the Corner’, All the Year Round, 22 November 1879 (called ‘Wildheath Grange’ in Braddon’s diary)

‘If She Be Not Fair to Me’, Mistletoe Bough, 1880

‘His Secret’, Mistletoe Bough, 1881 (called ‘Boscobel’ in Braddon’s diary)

‘Flower and Weed’, Mistletoe Bough,  1882

‘Under the Red Flag’, Mistletoe Bough, 5 November 1883

‘Thou Art the Man’, Flower and Weed & Other Tales, 1884

‘Across the Footlights’, Mistletoe Bough, 1884

‘The Little Woman in Black’, Mistletoe Bough, 1885

‘Stapylton’s Plot’, Mistletoe Bough, 1887

‘It is Easier for a Camel’, Mistletoe Bough, 1888

‘One Fatal Moment’, Mistletoe Bough, 1889

‘My Dream’, Mistletoe Bough, 1889

‘“If There Be Any of You”’, Mistletoe Bough, 1889

‘His Oldest Friends’, Mistletoe Bough, 1890

‘The Ghost’s Name’, Mistletoe Bough, 1891

‘The Island of Old Faces’, Mistletoe Bough, 1892

‘All Along to River’, Manchester Times, 20 January-2 June 1893

‘Does Anything Matter’, (untraced, in dairy as written 7th February 1893)

‘A Modern Confessor’, Pall Mall Magazine, June 1893

‘The Dulminster Dynamiter’, Pall Mall Magazine, August 1893

‘Drifting’, To-Day A Weekly Magazine-Journal, 23 December 1893

‘The Higher Life’, Tales for the Homes, 1907 (written in 1894)

‘Sweet Simplicity’, To-Day A Weekly Magazine-Journal, 24 March 1894

‘His Good Fairy’, The Illustrated London News, Summer Number, 28th May 1894

‘Herself’, Sheffield Weekly Telegraph Christmas No, 1894 (called ‘Venetian Glass’ in Braddon’s diary)

‘Where Many Footsteps Pass’, Christmas No of the Lady’s Pictorial, 5th December 1896

‘The Honourable Jack’, 1895 (untraced)

‘The Good Lady Ducayne’, Strand Magazine, February 1896

‘Poor Uncle Jacob’, Bolton Journal and Guardian, 25th April 1896

‘Wild Justice’, Bolton Journal and Guardian, 8th August 1896 (called ‘The Fly from the George’ in Braddon’s diary)

‘Theodora’s Temptation’, The Englishwoman, October-November 1896 (republished as ‘The Doll’s Tragedy in Leigh Journal and Times, 10th June 1898)

‘The Winning Sequence’, Lloyd’s Weekly Newspaper, 27th December 1896

‘In the Nick of Time’, The Christmas Tree, Downey’s Annual, December 1898

‘As the Heart Knoweth’, T.P’s Weekly, 24th July 1903 (‘Jane’ and ‘Naomi’ put together from Braddon’s diary)

‘For His Son’s Sake’, Cassell’s Magazine, December 1905

‘The Cock of Bowkers’, London Magazine, April-May 1906

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