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  1. I have a book published by W. L. Allison Company, New York that contains “The Fatal Marriage” and “The Lost Heiress” or “Wickly’s Woods” by Miss M. E. Braddon and cannot find any information about it existing. It was part of the Arundel Edition. We are in the process of liquidating my Mother’s library and came across the book. If anyone would perhaps be interested in it I would love to hear from them. If left to my brother, the book will meet a terrible fate. No one in the family have any room for very many of the books, but I am trying to catalogue and save as many as I can.

    1. Hi Valerie,

      I know that ‘The Fatal Marriage’ wasn’t actually written by Braddon, but misattributed to her. I’ve not heard of the other titles before either – so wondering if the same thing has happened here too. It was not uncommon for publishers to pull together stories and attribute them to a popular author to try and get them to sell.


  2. I’ve read that Braddon moved in with John Maxwell whilst his wife was still living in the family home – other accounts say the first Mrs Maxwell was incarcerated in an asylum in Ireland at the time, where she subsequently died. Has any further research established which of these accounts is true?

    1. Hi Maureen,
      It seems the idea that she was in an insane asylum was a bit of sensationalising on some people’s parts. The general researched consensus is that she was living in her family home, being looked after there until she died.

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