Aurora Floyd Read-Along: May

Our read-along of Braddon’s Aurora Floyd continues this month with installment number 5, which covers chapters 13-15. See below for chapter summaries and discussion questions. As usual, you can participate in the comment section below this post, or on Twitter.

This month, I’ve tried to provide questions that are a bit more casual and open-ended.

Happy reading!

May 2017: installment 5 (chs 13-15)


 Ch. 13.  Mellish and Aurora enter a horse in the races. Talbot encounters them there. (This ch. Ends volume 1).

Ch. 14. Bulstrode visits Mellish Park and finds his fate there.

Ch. 15. Mellish and Aurora hire a groom. They receive a fateful letter of reference for said groom.

Discussion Questions

Q1: What do you think is the most important or interesting relationship so far in the novel, and why?

Q2: What do you think happened between Aurora and Conyers? Let’s speculate wildly 😉 !

Q3: Braddon positions trust as something higher and more important than love. Why?

Q4: Do you think Braddon’s really setting up Bulstrode and Lucy to be live happily ever after? Or will they end up back in the thick of the plot somehow?


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