Braddon Read-Along Update: August

August 2017: installment 8 (chs 22-24)


Ch. XXII: Aurora sends a note to tell James Conyers when to meet to exchange blackmail money. Mrs. Powell attempts to use the information to tarnish Aurora in John Mellish’s eyes, but he stalwartly defends Aurora and tells Mrs. Powell to stop spying.

Ch. XXII word cloud.


Ch. XXIII: Aurora slips out to deliver the blackmail money. She fights with Conyers. Her uncle, who has just arrived, witnesses the fight. Then, a gunshot rings out. A body is found floating in a pond, a dog howling by its side.

Ch. XXIII word cloud.

Ch. XXIV: John Mellish and company investigate. They discover the body of James Conyers and Mellish is troubled because his wife was outside at the time of the murder and the only one he knows with a motive.

Ch. XXIV word cloud.

Discussion Questions:

  1. The novel throws around lots of suspicion. Who do you think shot James Conyers, and why?
  2. Now that there has been some action and excitement (though we still don’t know Aurora’s secret), how “bad” do you think Aurora is on a scale of 1-10? 1 = “angelic” like Lucy Talbot, 10 = “monstrous” like Lady Audley or Wilkie Collins’s Jezebel.
  3. How has your serial reading experience been so far? Did you manage to stop at the end of this exciting installment, or plow ahead? (I failed at reading like a Victorian and plowed ahead.)
  4. Will Captain Samuel Prodder ever meet his niece?
  5. Share your own questions with the group using the #MEBAread hashtag or in the comments below!

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