Braddon Read-Along Update: October

Hi Read-Along Participants,

This month, we’re reading and discussing Aurora Floyd chs. 29-31 (and also 28, which we accidentally skipped last month).

Chapter XXVIII: Aurora, realizing Mellish knows her secret, decides to run to spare Mellish the pain of confronting her. On the train, she decides to go to Talbot for advice.


Chapter XXIX: Mellish, finding Aurora gone, orders Mrs. Powell to leave and decides to search for Aurora at her father’s.


Chapter XXX: Talbot doesn’t want to let Aurora in, fearing she may contaminate Lucy. He is prevailed upon to do so by his usually submissive wife.


Chapter XXXI: Talbot decides to help Aurora by sending for Mellish. He advises them to get married ASAP.


Discussion Questions:

Q1: What do you make of Lucy’s sudden character change?

Q2: Do you believe Aurora is innocent?

Q3: What did you find most interesting about this month’s installment, and why?

Q4: What do you make of Talbot’s sense of foreboding at the end of the installment?


Only three more installments to go!

~Courtney Floyd

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