The Ghost Stories of Mary Elizabeth Braddon – Live Reading

The Ghost Stories of Mary Elizabeth Braddon – 19th May – 7.30pm BST

Join Edwyrdian Tales for a night of twin tales from one of England’s greatest ghostly writers of the Victorian age with…

“A Revelation” and “The Cold Embrace”

Mary Elizabeth Braddon was an incredibly prolific writer, producing more than 80 novels and driving forward the genre of ‘Sensation fiction’ with her ability to probe the darker side of the upper classes. Perhaps her most famous work was Lady Audley’s Secret (1862), but she was also an exceptional writer of terrifying supernatural tales. Her stories are hugely varied in their approach, from the chillingly gothic to bitter haunting romances, but all explore a depth and breadth of emotion that many of the male authors of her age fail to fully grasp.

In “A Revelation” visions from beyond the grave bring a terrible truth to light. And in “The Cold Embrace” a wronged lover will not lie still after death but follows her husband with cold dead hands.

Experience the darkly evocative world of Mary Elizabeth Braddon if you dare…

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