Mary Braddon’s Corrected Proof of London Pride and ‘Wild Justice’

An exciting new Mary Braddon discovery has been made! John Wilson Manuscripts Ltd. has uncovered the corrected proofs of Braddon’s novel London Pride and her short story ‘Wild Justice’. Both are annotated with corrections, deletions and insertions in Braddon’s own hand throughout. London Pride (the secondary title of ‘When the World Was Younger’ is absent in the proof copy) was published by Simpkin Marshall & Co. in 1896 and is one of Miss Braddon’s later historical romances. These proofs are an exemplary model of Miss Braddon’s working methods and evince a close attention to detail. London Pride is in excellent condition apart from a little dust-staining, but the galley of ‘Wild Justice’, on inferior paper, is severely split or separated at several folds. London Pride contains 345 numbered pages and one blank, unbound rubber stamp of the printers W. Clowes & Sons. It is dated 26th April 1895.

Image - London Pride

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